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In the fall of 2007 we purchased our first Speckle Park female for our daughter to use in 4-H and we were hooked! Their gentle nature and beautiful coat patterns made us want more... The opportunity to move from our small acreage back to Scott's family farm at Fairlight, SK presented itself shortly after and our "Second Chance" at raising cattle started again, Scott had a herd of purebred Simmental cattle in the early '80s but high interest rates chased us out, the Speckle Parks have been our ride back in. We are focused on producing docile animals with excellent conformation and proven genetics. We want to provide a quality animal, one that will make money for purebred and commercial cattlemen alike.

Happy times pictured summer 2016 during Legacy Speckle Park summer herd tour with our daughter Kat and our grandson. In the late summer of 2017 after several health issues Scott was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in December of 2017. Darla and Kat have continued on with the purebreds as well as adding more commercial females to our venture.We hope to continue to produce quality animals for the purebred and commercial producer alike.

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