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Tia- Rose of Sara Lee 3T aka " Rosie"

Rosie has our most productive female! She has given us 4 outstanding daughters and she passes on her quiet temperment, along with her depth of body, excellent milking ability and excellent mothering.


Sage lad 3L

Tumbleweed acres Corbin 27p

El Rancho No Gotto 27L

Calamasue 23N

Rob 'n son's farms 16R

Canadian Speckle park 40M

River Hill Tic-Tac 02T

The one who started it all! our first ever Speckle park purchase from River Hill Farms at CWA 2007.

Tic-tac is a deep bodied female, with some of our best conformation, her pedigree goes back to the great P.A.R. Moo Fassa, a great builder in the Speckle park breed. Her first Speckle park heifer calf was one of the first to go to the usa, Sold to Roseanne Hoffman of Antigo,WI.


P.A.R. King pin 1K

P.A.R. Moo Fassa 03M

Aspen Acres 3A

Al-Ann Gus 7Z

Aspen Acres 2C

Aspen Acres 2Y

Rob 'n Son's Farms 7p aka " Patti"

Patti is our oldest female, each year she surprises us with something different, her bull calves have been white with black points while her two heifer calves are both very dark speckles, she consistently delivers quality offspring even given her advancing years.


Aspen Acres T.N.T. 4Y

Codiak Hamlet 37H

Leigh-Al-Ann lilly 2D

Noralta 9E

Spots'N Sprouts 2L

Deb-Ray 4B

Talisa of Sara Lee 8T aka "Bobbi"

Bobbi is easy to recognize given her short "Bob" tail. She is a very deep bodied female who has given us some amazing daughters and grand daughters. We bought her, Rosie and Patti from Falk N Brodeur farms in November 2009. The best investment so far! Bobbi also goes back to an industry mogul! Star Bank Lacerta.


Spots 'n Sprouts juno 103J

Star Bank Lacerta 68L

Star Bank 55H

Spots'n Sprouts Granite 102G

Lakeview Anastasia 4K

Spots 'n Sprouts 6E

Second Chance Xena 3x

Our first Rosie calf, she was a surprise to say the least with her lack of spots! and yes the speckle park do occasionally come this way. Xena is a deep bodies female with an excellent mothering instinct and easy calving ability.


River Hill Crowd Pleaser 5P

Sinjin of Sara Lee 8S

Rob 'n Son's farm 7P

Tumble weed Acres Corbin 27P

Tia-Rose of Sara lee 3T

Rob' n son's farm 16R

Second Chance Yo-Momma 3Y

another Rosie Daughter, our most famous so far, The 2012 CWA Junior Champion Female. Her disposition is second to none, a real pleasure to have around we look forward to many babies from her in the years to come.

Yo-momma is a product of Rosie and Bubba, a wonderful combination!

Second Chance Yahoo 8Y and her daughter Second Chance Appletart 08Y 

These are an example of Bobbi's progeny a couple of wonderful females.

Yahoo is a Bubba x Bobbi daughter and

Appletart is a Pete Daughter

Second Chance Yippie 2Y

An own daugter of Tic- Tac and Bubba, One of our most sweet tempered females, she also competed in 2012 CWA and did us proud, Her calving ability and wonderful mothering gives us a good feeling for the future, Look for her babies on the show road and in our sale barn in the future

Second Chance Zafina 7Z

Our only Z female, the others have new homes from Ontario to Southwestern Saskatchewan.

Zafina is a fall born female so she did not have her first calf this spring, She is a Patty Bubba combination so we expect good things from her

Second Chance Appletart 08A

A second generation female, she is a Bobbi granddaughter and is a Pete daughter. Although she is one of our smaller females she has done a great job of her first baby who is going to be offered for sale fall 2015 at Agribition.

Second Chance Brittany 8B

This is a Bobbi X Pete daughter, she has a large frame and a disposition that cannot be beat, we started halter breaking her for agribition last year and then decided we could not take them all so we put her back out to pasture, to this day she comes up to us for a head scratch any time we are out to check the cows.

Second Chance Blizzard 02B

This female is another second generation female for us, she is a Yippie X Pete daughter, she is the start of our daughter's herd, along with her mother. So her calves will carry the Prarie Bell prefix when they hit the ground next spring.

We have more up and coming females, be sure to check back for their updates or their offspring to be offered up in our Sale Barn!

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