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Spots 'N Sprouts Uno 102U aka "BUBBA"

Our First purebred bull purchased through the Vermillion Bull Test at Lakeland college in spring of 2009. His docile nature and excellent conformation has been passed on to his progeny. He is responsible for seven of our beautiful females.


Hwy 4 speckle park 20k

Styals Lightning ladd 14p

Lightning lady 10c

Hwy 4 speckle park 20k

Twin river 5r

Jane of P.A.R. 12j

Legacy Devito 44x aka "PETE"

As you can see from his profile we added Pete to our herd to add some more muscle and depth to our program, he is doing just that! His calves definitely carry his "stamp".

purchased from Legacy Speckle Parks at Theodore,Sk he also had bloodlines that were unlike any other. Look for some of his daughters in our sale barn in fall 2014.


Legacy Scout 10s

Legacy Uppercut 74U

Curtis Corner Miss Elli 1J

Legacy Peterbuilt 9P

Legacy Turn-on 49T

Legacy Rita 17R

Uneeda Anchorman 053A aka Willy

We got this fella to breed our Devito daughters, he has the lenth of body and refinement that we felt would be a great compliment to the depth of body and muscling that the Devito daughters possess.


PAR Kingpin 1K

PAR Rollin Stone 01R

Aspen Acres 01B

Codiak Oscar GNK 8S

Xena of Uneeda 05X

Torrie of PAR 05P

Little Acres Black Knight 1B aka BK

This youngster has a great disposition, lots of muscles and an outstanding pedigree.

StarBank Nannar69N

Belmoral's Sceptre 005Z

Belmoral's Countess 110L

P.A.R. Little Poppy 12U

So Sexy of P.A.R. 1X

UR So Sexy of P.A.R.01U

RiverHill 60ADignitary 66D

We had high hopes for this smooth, deep bodied well muscled young bull, we had a great calf crop in 2018 and during the 2018 breeding season he suffered a fatal injury. We are currently awaiting our 2019 calves to see how many DIGS babies we will get. His Bull calves are currently on test at the Manitoba Bull test center in Douglas, MB and they are consistently gaining 3-4.27lbs / day.

Clear View TY 205R

Codiak Oh MY Gosh GNK 60A

Codiak Unique GNK 8R

Codiak Crikey GNK 13U

River Hill 13U Show Girl 60B

River Hill Show Me Off 60S

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