Second Chance Speckle Park

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Second Chance Roll the Dice 2D
DOB Jan 29,BW 78 lbs
Tic Tac X Uneeda Anchorman

Another outstanding bull calf from our first speckle park Cow River Hill Tic Tac.
Excellent muscling and testicle development on this one as well as a great disposition and pedigree.

Second Chance Deltaforce 18D
DOB April 18, BW 62 lbs
Appletart X Anchorman

The youngest of our bull calf crop and the most photogenic of the bunch, he always stands out from the crowd, he carries all the genetics of each of our reference sires which makes me think we are doing something right. Style, color,lots of muscles in the right places and testicle development

Second Chance Dakota 7D
DOB Feb 5, BW 77 lbs
Patty X Anchorman
This fella is put together right, and comes from foundation bloodlines.Deepbodied, smooth and good testicle development.
Prairie Bell Dude 3D
DOB Mar 2, BW 80 lbs
Yippie X Anchorman
Full Brother to Candyman but a different sort all together, Width, muscles and lots of white! Check this one out.